Tips for Nailing a Video Interview

The video interview isn’t a hiring fad – in fact, it’s quickly becoming a norm. Companies are now armed with the ability to revisit an interview after the fact, eliminating the scramble to review notes and the attempt to recall details outside of a resume.  Several of RETS’ public REIT clients are fans of video […]

Cell Phones and Mud Puddles

We’ve had a few interesting events surface over the last week or two with candidates at interviews with clients. For those of you that remember The Untouchables, a movie from the late 80’s, you might recall “bringing a knife to a gun fight.” This blog is a reminder that cell phones and mud puddles are […]

7th Inning Stretch

It’s the 7th inning stretch!  Or is it?  If you’ve listened to the industry leaders and various economists out there, the jargon is “we’re in the 7th inning” of this bubble.  Personally, I hope they are wrong and we’re really in the 2nd!  However, if “they” are right and things are going to slow down […]