“Most importantly, engage with a recruiting partner who understands your expectations, business needs and company culture. This is the key to securing talent whose values align with your business objectives. Seek the support of keen industry experts, who can find the right talent to drive your organization forward.”

— Chad Froman, Senior Vice President of Asset Management

“CBRE Global Investors thanks the RETS team for successfully filing five searches which built out our RFP team platform. The RETS team has the unique ability to understand the intricacies of each position while also comprehending the chemistry aspects which are so critical.”

— Michael McMenomy, Global Head of Investor Services

“The RETS team was relentless in their quest to fill our need to hire an Asset Manager.  They covered the market and were able to present a talented pool of candidates.  We were very impressed with their efforts.”

— Steve Novick, Principal

“We were looking for a very unique skill set and the RETS team knew exactly what we needed – and found us that needle in a haystack!”

— Noble Carpenter, President

“The placement that RETS handled in Houston speaks to RETS’ resources and connections and why it is critical to use a recruiter.  Our firm had exhausted our efforts – we could not find the right candidate.  Through your resources, the RETS team was able to quickly identify a top candidate and she is off to a great start.  Thank you.”

— Joan Camera, Executive Vice President

“We are a very tight-knit team at Calmwater, so not only were we seeking talent with analytical acumen, attention to detail and strong communication skills, but candidates who were a true culture fit as well. I heard that RETS Associates has an intuitive understanding of the real estate industry, and would be an effective partner in helping us match the best talent with our company culture and business needs.”

— Paul Slider, Director of Credit and Underwriting

“When it came down to skill set and office culture preference, we were looking for the right fit. We brought on RETS to help us find a candidate that had a broad range of experience with potential to evolve with us over time – and we were comfortable with RETS exploring candidates outside of the real estate development sector to find it.”

— Brian Wilson, Principal

“RETS executes each search with a sense of urgency and has become a trusted partner of ours that continues to deliver great results.”

— Marla Maloney, President of Asset Services, Americas

“By following the first steps in RETS process and evaluating all possible options, we were able to ensure that we identified and hired the best possible candidate who fit our culture and desired skill set.”

— Patrick McGinley, President of Management Services

“Be sure to partner with a strong recruitment firm that understands your business needs, company culture and has a good reach into the industry’s candidate pool. At CenterPoint Properties, we rely heavily on our partnership with RETS as we continue to grow our business. When we reach out to them to discuss a new position or the type of hire we need, they already have a few individuals in mind – that’s how well they know us.”

— Holly Treiber, Human Resources Manager

“Our people are our future. They are an investment in our success and we have built a partnership with RETS to navigate these waters accurately and successfully for the future of our firm.”

— Melissa Labor, Director of Human Resources

“RETS Associates truly understands the intrinsic value of Corporate Social Responsibility to a nonprofit organization like Working Wardrobes.  As a very generous corporate partner,  RETS has supported our annual fundraising events, provided significant consulting services in real estate and  they’ve made important business connections that have added value to our work.

Both Jana and Kent have opened their hearts and their checkbooks to ensure that our organization offers the most professional services to the men, women, young adults and veterans we serve, and that we can do so in an environment that speaks loudly of dignity and respect.”

— Jerri Rosen, Founder and CEO

I was introduced to RETS/Berkeley when I did not know I needed her. I thought the world I was in was good, until she showed me an opportunity. She was very informative about my options in a low pressure way. I feel that she took the time to listen to my personal career goals and needs and balanced those with the needs of her client.  She guided me through the process and set expectations on how things would proceed. At all times she was available to answer questions, even ones that might have seemed trivial. Overall I was very pleased with Berkeley and RETS and love knowing I have them on my side in the future.

— Hunter Marr, General Manager

“Equity Office engaged RETS to identify financial analyst candidates after a frustrating few months searching on our own.  RETS quickly understood the requirement and presented a panel of candidates in an expedient manner.  We are extremely pleased with their service delivery and highly recommend RETS to other firms seeking a search partner.”

— Kirsten Sullivan, Sr. Director-Human Resources

“Talent is extremely hard to find! There are candidates out there, but the quality candidates are so limited. You can try to keep costs down during the search process by posting to job boards and sifting through the candidates that come to you, however the quality candidate are the ones that pros like RETS source.”

— Jason Krotts, Founder and Principal

“The RETS team placed me at Kraemer Land Company in 2004.  I have used RETS for multiple searches since that time and value their unique ability to identify top candidates in a short period of time.  Their relationships within the real estate community are second to none in the recruiting field.”

— Brett Albrecht, President

“We selected RETS Associates because the principals have deep, first-hand commercial real estate experience and really know the ins and outs of the industry.”

— Jerry Yahr, Managing Principal

“Catellus couldn’t be more pleased with the efficiency and diligence of the RETS team. After commencing a search for our new Director of Asset Management, it only took RETS 15 days to present us with a panel of top candidates, and 17 days later, we had a signed offer letter and a filled position.”

— Greg Moore, Senior Vice President

“In addition to providing top talent, we rely on the expertise of a partner like RETS to keep us informed about what is going on in the market, advise on recalibrating compensation packages, provide tips on how to best market the organization to recruit top talent and more. For me, it’s much more than recruiting, it’s a relationship that supports our corporate growth nationwide.”

— Amy D’Olimpio, Vice President of Human Resources

“RETS was quickly able to assess our real need for the position and in fact already had a couple of candidates in mind before the conclusion of our first meeting. Within a few days we had three (3) candidates ready to interview and each and everyone was qualified and would have been a good hire.”

— Jim McKenzie, General Partner

“It was more than just deciding whether or not he was a cultural fit. With RETS’ help, we went the extra mile to see if he, and his family, could become part of our family. RETS’ process confirmed that he matched our ethos and could truly be the partner we needed for continued growth.”

— Adam Horowitz, President