Studies have shown that a resume has roughly 10 seconds to make an impression on a hiring manager. Invest in your career with professional resume-writing services offered by RETS Associates. Candidates can access Certified Professional Resume Writers that specialize in the field of commercial real estate. RETS offers four different resume writing and editing packages that cater to professionals at all levels.

Entry Level (0-3 years of experience)

With competition at an all-time high for entry-level positions, it has never been more important to have a stellar, stand-out resume. Our resume writers will maximize the appeal of skills and experiences that are applicable to commercial real estate. Recent graduates and those who are new to the job market have limited experience to draw from when creating a resume. Our Entry Level package pulls from skills learned in the academic world and presents them in an attractive fashion that will grab the eye of hiring managers.

  • Entry-level resume: $375
  • Entry-level resume with cover letter: $600
  • Entry-level and LinkedIn profile: $770
  • Entry-level with cover letter and LinkedIn profile: $995

Professional/Mid-Career (3-10 years of experience)

The Professional/Mid-Career package offers those with a few or more years of experience an interconnected resume that reads like a professional story to a hiring manager. Our Certified Professional Resume Writers will highlight the career achievements that matter and draw attention to the skills and career successes that show potential employers that a candidate has the experiences that can be adapted to a new position with more responsibilities.

  • Mid-level resume: $550
  • Mid-level resume with cover letter: $775
  • Mid-level and LinkedIn profile: $945
  • Mid-level with cover letter and LinkedIn profile: $1,170

Advanced Professional (Director/Manager 10+ years of experience)

The Advanced Professional (management level) package will highlight your skills, credentials, and abilities relevant to the next rung in your career.  Our Certified Professional Resume Writers will help established leaders, position themselves for further career advancement.  Your resume will include quantification of various aspects of your real estate career which will distinguish your credentials.

  • Advanced-level resume: $750
  • Advanced-level resume with cover letter: $975
  • Advanced-level and LinkedIn profile: $1,145
  • Advanced-level with cover letter and LinkedIn profile: $1,370

Executive (Vice president/C-Level Executives)

The Executive package offers Resume Writing for professionals at the highest of levels. Our Certified Professional Resume Writers will emphasize the consistency of professional achievements and successes throughout the duration of a career. Hiring managers for executive positions look for more than just a summary of education and previous experience in a resume of such high level. The Executive package provides a high-caliber resume that seamlessly weaves together experiences and successes in addition to letting the candidate’s soft skills shine through. This service will include a final review by a principal of RETS.

  • Executive-level resume: $1,125
  • Executive-level resume with cover letter: $1,350
  • Executive-level and LinkedIn profile: $1,520
  • Executive-level with cover letter and LinkedIn profile: $1,745

The Process

  1. Select a package and make payment with any major credit card or through PayPal.
  2. Once payment has been received, a RETS Associates representative will contact you to begin the process.
  3. Complete a questionnaire containing career-oriented questions.
  4. Review the first draft, which is presented in 7 to 10 business days.
  5. Request any revisions.
  6. Approve the final resume.

If you have any further questions regarding this service, please contact

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