Eddie McGowan

Eddie brings over fifteen years of recruiting experience to his role as Director at RETS’ Newport Beach office. Prior to joining the team, he was an Executive Recruiter specializing in construction and real estate, overseeing all aspects of the executive search processHe brings keen insight from his previous career in the healthcare sector, working with a variety of clients to develop targeted campaigns in an effort to attract top candidates. He achieves maximum results by servicing each client as individuals, embracing their unique culture, vision and mission that each has to offer 

Focus: Positions from mid-management to executive-level roles.

When Eddie isn’t chasing new top talent, you can find him spending time with his kids, snowboarding or riding his motorcycle. His hero will always be his wife; not only is she a retired Marine, but the hardest worker Eddie has ever met. EVER. Eddie lives by the motto, “I never lose. I either win or learn.” Eddie loves to bring people closer to their life goals and having a positive impact on other’s lives. 

Education and Affiliations:

  • Attended University of San Diego  

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