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2023 Financial Analyst Survey: It’s a Tough Market Out There – But Compensation Continues to Grow

By November 2, 2023April 8th, 2024Survey Results

Click here to read the full survey results.  RETS 2023 FA Survey Oct 2023

Respondents to RETS Associates’ 12th annual Financial Analyst Survey paint a picture of a challenging job market – but employers are making it a priority to value their younger talent, with average compensation levels increasing well in excess of inflation across the four experience levels we tracked.

Our survey, which provides visibility into compensation and job market trends along with financial analysts’ views on various factors impacting their careers and the industry, garnered responses from 291 participants, with 88% male and 12% female.

Despite a stronger-than-expected jobs environment nationally, with unemployment at only 3.8% as of September, respondents in our survey reported that landing a new analyst or associate job in the CRE field is tougher today than it was a year ago. 29% of respondents called today’s market significantly worse than last year’s, with another 42% calling it slightly worse.  10% said today’s market was significantly or slightly better.