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3rd Annual Financial Analyst Survey Results

By October 1, 2014March 24th, 2022Newsletters, Survey Results

RETS Associates recently completed a survey of 270 financial analysts across the U.S. in the commercial real estate industry. The data compiled from this survey coupled with the 50 financial analyst searches handled by RETS over the past 12 months has provided RETS with keen insights into this segment of the industry.

As the overall health of the real estate industry continues to improve and reach levels that have not been realized since 2008, employers continue to hire financial analysts in droves. For the 12-month period ending in July 2014, RETS has seen an 80% increase in the number of financial analyst searches handled compared to 2012. The financial analyst segment is a great entry point into commercial real estate and the growth in demand for these professionals bodes well for the industry.

Top Findings
Compensation, which is no surprise given the youthfulness of this segment, is of prime importance followed by growth potential.  Job title and the brand name of the firm were of least importance.

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• Another interesting finding shows female financial analyst professionals desiring to transition into asset management roles, while acquisitions is the top choice for males.

• The financial analyst segment is largely male (88%).

• Each year of financial analyst experience resulted in a $7,117 increase in base salary.


• Analysts with “guru” level abilities in Argus and Excel (including waterfall analysis) had base salaries that were $15,356 higher.

70% of the respondents have actively pursued a new position (internally or externally) within the past year and 77% had been on 2+ interviews.

LinkedIn was the top choice by financial analysts to assist with their job search, followed closely by working with a recruiter and applying directly to an online posting.



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