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4th Annual Financial Analyst Survey Results

By October 28, 2015March 24th, 2022Newsletters, Survey Results

In a recent survey of 344 financial analysts in the U.S. commercial real estate industry, RETS Associates has identified several significant employment trends. Combined with the 50+ analyst searches conducted by RETS in the last year, RETS’ fourth annual study showed that:

A clear majority (55%) of financial analysts preferred to work as generalists with mixed portfolios
• By comparison, only 16% preferred multi-family, while office and hotel/hospitality followed at 9% each, retail at 6% and industrial at 2%
75% are open to relocating for a new position
49% are seeking advancement in acquisitions
24% currently earn a base salary of $75,000-$89,999; 21% did not receive an incentive compensation for their role in 2014 (mainly due to short tenure)
83% of the polled financial analysts are male

Most survey respondents are fairly new to the job: 54% have been with their current company for 1-3 years, and another 36% for less than a year. Most analysts are very early in their careers,and the position can provide entry to asset management, development and acquisitions; 27% cited growth potential as a primary factor in job offer considerations.  However, 44% said the compensation package was key. Responses also showed that graduate degrees pay off: when compared to those with only a Bachelor’s degree, respondents holding a Master’s degree earn 5.6% more, and those with a Master of Real Estate Development degree take home an added 9.5%.

Location and experience also drive base salaries. Analysts in San Francisco, the Northeast, the Mountain region and Los Angeles command 16%-19% higher salaries than other areas, and those with advanced expertise in programs such as Excel – especially with waterfall analysis – and Argus can earn more, depending on their skill levels.

Typical of younger workforce members, financial analysts are looking for advancement with new employers. The survey showed 65% have actively pursued a new job or position in the last year, and 31% have attended four or more interviews.