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5 Must-Ask Questions in Your CRE Interview

By April 8, 2024April 18th, 2024RETS Blog

Making the most of your job interview’s final moments can be as crucial as the interview itself. Here are five questions that can really make a difference and boost your chances of getting the job:

  1. “Can you describe the qualities of your most successful team members in this role?”

(Discover if your attributes align with those of high achievers in the position and identify the experiences and skills you should emphasize in follow-up discussions.)

  1. “What trajectories have others in this position taken within the company?”

(This question helps gauge long-term growth opportunities and the typical timeline for advancement, offering insight into your potential future with the firm.)

  1. “How does this company’s culture differentiate from others you’ve experienced?”

(Seeking candid insights into the company culture can reveal what sets this firm apart, helping you decide if it’s the right environment for you.)

  1. “Looking ahead to one year from now, assuming I’m hired, how will you measure my success?”

(Understanding the key deliverables and priorities for this role helps you grasp what success looks like, ensuring you and the role are a good match.)

  1. Does the company support joining industry groups like NAIOP, ICSC, or NMHC?”

(This question indicates your eagerness to stay connected and informed within the CRE industry, while also clarifying if there are opportunities for professional development supported by the firm.)


Asking these questions not only gives you valuable insights but also demonstrates your proactive and strategic approach, greatly improving your chances of securing the position. Do you have more crucial questions for a CRE interview? Share them below!


By Meghan Hendersen Recruiter, RETS Associates.

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