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Bisnow: CRE Financial Analysts Now Endangered

By November 27, 2012Media Coverage

CRE Financial Analysts Now Endangered

It may be time to protect CRE financial analysts in zoos. According to a survey by Newport
Beach-based RETS Associates, the CRE industry is going to experience a shortage of a
qualified financial analysts— maybe as soon as next year. Demand has been creeping up,
but supply has not. RETS prez Kent Elliot (with his son, since it seems to be father-andson week at Bisnow OC) tells us that for CRE companies to compete for the available
talent, preparation is critical. “A company needs to figure out exactly what type of candidate
they need and be ready to find and interview them,” Kent says. “The best candidates are
often the ones that aren’t looking.”

09.18.12 Bisnow