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Bisnow: BOMA Show Daily: June 28, Issue 1 The Biggest Leadership Myths

jana & charla boma2015, leadership myths

Many attendees at the “Proper Staffing for Industrial Management” session noted that they had trouble hiring and retaining talent. DCT Industrial’s Charla Rios says that you have to identify the needs of your company before hiring a property manager—like the size of your portfolio, your geography, the attributes of your top performers and your company culture, to name a few. “It’s not as simple as saying, ‘I need a property manager.’ You’re looking for someone who can take on multiple properties and different types of customers.” RETS Associates’ Jana Turner adds it’s also about delving into client investment objectives for the portfolio. Talent should have strong financial acumen, customer service skills, ability to negotiate, exceptional communication skills and the ability to tackle issues proactively. If you’re hiring, know your competition and what your company has to offer; use social media and industry organization to meet recruits; use recruiting firms for key positions; treat candidates as customers; and move quickly when you find the right candidate.