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Demand for Qualified Candidates Surpasses Previous High Levels

By March 3, 2015Newsletters

The strong surge in the U.S. economy during the final months of 2014 continues to fuel the growth in RETS’ business as 2015 begins. Even the traditionally slower December-January time frame remained active, and RETS finished the year with a record-breaking total of more than 450 searches.  The strong economic recovery, which began gaining visible traction in 2011, has opened fresh opportunities for both job seekers and the organizations in need of top talent. A look at the five-year patterns shows that specific search segments within the industry have varied, but overall demand in most markets has grown at a healthy rate.  

The robust job market has had two dramatic effects as firms compete to hire the best, qualified candidates: compensation packages have increased dramatically,  and the selection process must be speedy and efficient. Top, qualified candidates are receiving multiple offers, so companies must define and refine their candidate selection process and be prepared to move quickly.