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High Demand & Limited Supply for Financial Analysts

By September 28, 2012Newsletters

In the past 12 months, there has been a jump in the demand for financial analysts; however, there has been some is connect between what the real estate industry expects in regards to financial analysts and what actually drives and motivates today’s analysts. RETS Associates conducted a 10 question survey among financial analysts ranging from entry level to senior analysts.

Most companies are expecting to hire analysts with one to three years experience; however, with the recent downturn in the industry, many recent graduates have been unable to procure positions that would provide them with the necessary experience.

The current state of the economy also effects what types of companies financial analysts are more inclined towards.

• As far as which industries are most appealing, generalist (mixed-portfolio) is the winner, followed by multi-family, office, retail and hotel/hospitality.

• Since 44% of analysts believe that it takes about two years to master the position, this expectation is not unrealistic, although obtaining this experience has been impossible for some graduates.