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Its All About The Detales

By June 29, 2023April 18th, 2024RETS Blog

By: Diane Blake

Yes, the typos in the title of this article were on purpose and I bet it caught your attention. Wouldn’t seeing these mistakes on a “thank you” email catch your eye too?

Time and time again I remind candidates the importance of sending a follow-up email after an interview, but it should be noted that an email can either seal or kill the deal.

Picture this scenario:

Upon receiving a resume, you begin the process of evaluating a candidate’s qualifications. The candidate nails the interview, and everything seems to be progressing seamlessly in the right direction. Subsequently, you receive a follow up email expressing gratitude and hopes for a bright outcome, which unfortunately contains numerous typos, including a significant one where your name is misspelled. Now, inevitably forgetting all about the candidate’s positive characteristics, your main focus/question is: Is this person genuinely interested in joining our company?

Considering the possibility of that scenario occurring, I suggest keeping emails short and sweet rather than making them too wordy, where it leaves room for more errors or misinterpretation. Furthermore, I always tell my candidates the following advice verbatim:

“Be sure there are no typos or grammatical errors – read it, read it again, step away and come back and read it again before hitting the send key.”

This serves as a reminder that although the majority of job descriptions do not specifically state the requirement to be “detail oriented,” it is an implicit skill that is needed for just about any role. A candidate who does not carefully inspect the elements of their own emails during a time when they’re trying to impress a recruiter and/or hiring manager, surely will not pay attention to the features of an important corporate project once hired. Hence, emails that are inadequately edited convey a message of deficient communication skills, a lack of attention to detail, and a lackluster desire for the job in the first place.

Conclusively, I believe It is imperative for candidates to thoroughly review and examine all the materials they submit during the hiring process. Whether it’s an email (such as this case), resume, cover letter, or any other required documents, a comprehensive review ensures that the information presented is accurate, well-crafted, and tailored to the specific position or company. Ultimately, this diligent approach demonstrates professionalism, attention to detail, and a genuine interest in the opportunity, setting the stage for a favorable impression and a higher likelihood of success in the hiring process.

Diane Blake serves as a Managing Director at RETS Associates, a national real estate executive search firm. She can be reached at

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