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Hiring Continues to be Rampant in 2014! Q4 2013 Employment Update

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RETS ended 2013 with a bang as it was one of their busiest years yet! Throughout the companies’ 12 year history RETS has consistently seen a decrease in searches starting after Thanksgiving and lasting through the end of the year. This was the first year that no drop-off in hiring was witnessed and business continued without skipping a beat. RETS ended 2013 at an all-time high and closed out the year with 434 searches compared to 360 in 2012…an increase of 21 percent! Hiring has continued to increase for the past two years and the company has tracked the uptick in searches dating back to April of 2011. This past year RETS concluded Q.4 13 with 91 searches, compared to 73 in Q.4 12, showing that the economy is continuing to improve.


Going into 2014 RETS has continued to see a trend in hiring financial analysts and VP level positions. In 2013 RETS completed 47 financial analyst searches, marking a 50 percent increase from 2012. RETS’ 2nd annual Financial Analyst Survey also concluded with twice the number of participants from 2012, giving the company a deeper understanding of the expectations financial analysts have for their careers. Along with financial analyst positions, RETS has also seen a rise in hiring VP level candidates in construction and development.


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RETS Associates results from 2nd Annual Financial Analyst Survey

By Newsletters, Survey Results

In the past 12 months RETS Associates has worked with clients on over 50 real estate financial analyst searches. Last year, RETS surveyed financial analysts to gain an insider’s perspective into what it takes to have a successful career. This year, RETS conducted its 2nd annual survey, completed by over double the amount of participants as last year— giving RETS an even deeper understanding into the role of a financial analyst.

This year’s study included financial analysts from all over the nation— ranging from entry level financial analysts with little experience, all the way up to directors with 7+ years of experience. With comparisons made to last year’s survey, it seems as though the increase in the job market may have had influence over what a financial analyst finds most important in their career, and how they wish to grow within a company.


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