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Bisnow: How I Met Your Analyst

By November 11, 2013Media Coverage


Jana - HIMYM walk on 2013, financial analyst survey

Last week RETS principal Jana Turner, along with Coldwell Banker’s Conrad Peterson, appeared in the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother. Jana won the chance at this year’s Hollygrove’s Norma Jean Gala supporting underprivileged youth. Newport Beach-based RETS, a specialist in commercial real estate exec recruitment, recently completed a nationwide financial analyst survey and found that the financial analyst segment is “on fire”–the most active it’s been in RETS 12-year history. The survey, which polled 160 financial analysts, found a voracious appetite for entry-level and mid-manager financial analysts. “Act very quickly because they’re being recruited right away,” Jana tell us. Analysts who fall outside of the preferred criteria, even if well-qualified in other disciplines, will have a challenging job search.