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Tips for Nailing a Video Interview

By March 6, 2018RETS Blog

The video interview isn’t a hiring fad – in fact, it’s quickly becoming a norm. Companies are now armed with the ability to revisit an interview after the fact, eliminating the scramble to review notes and the attempt to recall details outside of a resume.  Several of RETS’ public REIT clients are fans of video interviews.

For candidates, however, a video interview may seem daunting, despite the convenience of interviewing in their own home or another familiar location. The following tips will ease the process and help candidates make a winning impression on camera.

Tips for Video Interviews:

Tip 1: Treat the video interview like it’s a traditional in-person meeting.

Just as you would in person, be sure to dress appropriately. Remember to smile, maintain eye contact and come fully prepared. In a recorded video interview setting, there truly is no second chance to make a first impression. Be sure to make your first impression count.


Tip 2: Research the company you’re interviewing with.

There’s nothing more frustrating than a candidate who is unprepared for their interview and has no understanding of the company. Do your part to prepare in advance by thoroughly reviewing the company’s website and recent news stories, etc. Be sure to prepare your own list of questions for the meeting to demonstrate your interest, engagement and intelligence.


Tip 3: Set the stage for a business meeting.

Wherever you choose to conduct the video interview, be sure you have privacy and that there isn’t a lot of distracting background noise or visuals. Find a quiet setting and prepare the room to ensure it is tidy and looks professional. This is especially important for candidates participating in interviews at home.


Tip 4: Prep the tech beforehand.

To the best of your ability, troubleshoot for potential technical challenges. Close out any computer applications and open the video software a few minutes early to ensure there is no issue. If possible, even test the tech to make sure you are clear on how to properly operate it. Additionally, ask in advance for a backup phone number in case you encounter video challenges.


Tip 5: Send a thank you note.

Once the interview concludes, be sure to communicate your interest in the role and your eagerness to move on to the next step. Then, just as you would if you went to the interview in person, send the interviewer a thoughtful follow-up email thanking him or her for their time and again underscoring your interest in the position. If you interviewed with multiple people, send each person an individual note and make sure each is customized accordingly.

Now that you have these tips for video interviews, good luck!!