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6 Ways to Hire the Right Candidate

By July 14, 2021RETS Blog

Making a hiring decision is a big deal and can feel a bit overwhelming at times. It is very difficult attempting to predict all of the qualifications and attributes needed in the months to come in a volatile market. As the world of work has drastically changed throughout the past year and a half, making the right hire is imperative to business. In order to make the best hire possible, asking the right interview and internal questions can contribute to a better understanding of a candidate’s potential. Here are some things to consider in choosing the right candidate for your company:   

Do they have experience in evolving environments?    

You need someone who is quick on their feet when acclimating to changes in the workplace. Especially after the pandemic where the only thing consistent was change. Does this person have the capability to adapt to new roles and adopt new ways of thinking? These characteristics are essential when the rain of economy comes pouring down.    

Do they ask thoughtful questions or are they robotic?    

It is common knowledge that you need to come prepared to an interview having researched the role and company. However, once they are in the interview, are they absorbing what you are saying about the position and company? Is the candidate listening, understanding, and asking the right questions? The type of questions a candidate asks can reveal a tremendous amount about how they think and how they retain information given to them.   

Do they believe in work culture?   

It’s important that the candidate not only has the people skills but the ability to collaborate with multiple team members as well. Today’s competitive market calls for individuals who are team players and able to assist, thrive and be productive in group settings. They need to understand the importance of teamwork as improved thinking. Nobody wants an employee who only thinks about their competitive gains. 

Do they admit their faults?  

We all know the saying “learn from your mistakes”. Look for a candidate who can provide details of a past failure and explain what they took away from that situation or experience. If they cannot do this, it’s a red flag.    

Are they passionate?   

Look for people who are passionate about learning and growing in the industry. The best type of candidate are the eager ones.   

Don’t expect a “perfect” match   

Be open minded as there is no perfect match.  There will always be areas the person will need to learn for the role as no company does “it” the exact same way. Remember, you are looking to hire a person with previous experiences, but you also need someone with the personality that will compliment your company. This person’s characteristic traits and drive need to mix well with the team. When in doubt, listen to your gut, but asking the right questions will help confirm that intuition.    

Establishing an organized and well-executed interview strategy will assure a smooth experience. This is the best way to secure the right hire for the role. You’ll need a qualified panel of candidates to start and with our impressive experience. RETS can help with these hiring needs. 

Diane Blake serves as a Director at RETS Associates, a national real estate executive search firm. She can be reached at

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