How To Be a Top Candidate When Interviewing For a Real Estate Private Equity Firm

4/7/2021 | Kent Elliott

For those who are about to graduate or recently graduated and are on the job hunt then this information is for you. I bet you are asking yourself, “How in the world am I supposed to get a job when I have applied to the same role that 700 other people have as well?”  There […]


What Should Candidates Be Doing More Of?

3/10/2021 | RETS Associates

You are probably asking yourself, “what else can I do?”. This is one of the most asked questions from candidates. I am here to help you focus more on the right things during your job search.  The first suggestion is simple, build a relationship with your recruiter. Make sure you are investing time into getting to know your […]


How to Stand Out to Recruiters

1/20/2021 | CD Wicks

Recently, a candidate asked me what top skills companies look for in applicants. When I was reflecting on my network of candidates, I discovered that experience and education were the most common skill categories that came to mind.  When thinking further, I realized that my most successful candidates are passionate about their careers and building […]


10 Resume Tips for Commercial Real Estate Professionals

1/7/2021 | Chase Fryhover

The unfortunate reality is that COVID has negatively impacted a lot of real estate professionals. For anyone looking for their next career opportunity, it is crucial that you present yourself as marketable and professional.  For a majority of professionals, the traditional resume format does not adequately tell the story of their career. It highlights skills […]


Negotiating Offer Letters and Bonuses

12/16/2020 | Andrew Reising

The negotiation process for offer letters and bonuses can come with their own set of challenges. When it comes to offer letters, it is important for candidates to acknowledge that companies are taking the time to organize and mediate these letters with the goal of hiring them.  For bonuses, candidates should recognize that a bonus’ […]