The Value of Integrity

10/6/2020 | RETS Associates

Last week, one of my candidates was faced with a challenging decision.  After a month of interviews and various conversations with a leading real estate investment firm, they signed an offer letter to begin working the following Monday.  Both the candidate and employer were ecstatic to set the job in motion. Amidst the excitement of […]


Empathy in the Interview Process

9/17/2020 | RETS Associates

Over the past few months, I’ve conducted numerous virtual interviews.  Considering that the vast majority of companies have moved to remote working and hiring practices, my job as a recruiter has transformed as well.  Although the online focus has simplified the hiring and on-boarding process in various ways, it has also caused unforeseen complications. Typically, […]


Leadership During the COVID-19 Pandemic

9/10/2020 | RETS Associates

Leading A Team Through A Crisis Leaders across the country are facing new problems every day during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Their management abilities are being put to the test now more than ever and the element of uncertainty leaves them developing plans with ambiguous timelines.  Leaders are regularly in decision making positions that cause them […]


Ways To Relieve Zoom Exhaustion

8/25/2020 | RETS Associates

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have turned to Zoom and other platforms such as Skype and Microsoft Teams to keep business flowing as usual.  These virtual platforms have been an amazing source for teams to connect face to face and hold meetings, resolve problems, and attempt to keep the office culture intact. While Zoom […]


CRE Firms’ Secret Weapon During Challenging Times

8/3/2020 | retsassociates

Internal Mobility In An Organization  In the recruiting industry, we are seeing a multitude of organizations rethinking their hiring and HR strategies, from freezing hiring, re-allocating staff, or hiring to fill other skill gaps. However, in such a rapidly changing landscape, internal mobility has taken center stage. Internal mobility is the movement of employees to new opportunities within the same company. […]