How to Respectfully Leave Your Job

8/24/2021 | RETS Associates

The pandemic has had a tremendous impact on the workplace, more than you think. Employees have spent the last year and a half working from the comfort of their own home. They have developed a pattern and have finally settled into this style of work.   However, things are looking up as we face loser restrictions […]


Old Acquaintances, New Beginnings and the Importance of Staying Connected

8/11/2021 | Andrew Reising

Did you ever imagine when walking through the halls back in high school that one of your friends could land you a job worth half of a million dollars? Me either. I never pictured that an old high school buddy could possibly be a candidate for a role I wanted to fill with a great company.    The story […]


What is Blind Recruiting and Unbiased Hiring?

7/28/2021 | retsassociates

As more employers are trying to diversify their staff, we are seeing an increase in reverse discrimination. One of our clients has actually turned to blind resume recruiting. This method provides an equal opportunity for all applicants at being selected purely based on their skills.     What is Blind Resume Recruiting?    Blind resume recruiting, otherwise known as blind […]


6 Ways to Hire the Right Candidate

7/14/2021 | Diane Blake

Making a hiring decision is a big deal and can feel a bit overwhelming at times. It is very difficult attempting to predict all of the qualifications and attributes needed in the months to come in a volatile market. As the world of work has drastically changed throughout the past year and a half, making […]


Tips on Negotiating Salary

7/1/2021 | Erika Daniel

Erika provides advice on negotiating salary expectations whether you are accepting a new role or asking for a raise.