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Behind the Scenes: Key Factors CRE Employers Are Using to Make Hiring Decisions

By January 15, 2020April 18th, 2024RETS Blog

Do you ever hear about people getting the perfect position without ever submitting a resume or getting hired for a role the company created just for them? How do they do it? Do they know something you don’t know? While these candidates aren’t necessarily more talented or qualified, they might’ve simply just perfected a way of approaching the job search in a different manner. Here are some easy ways you can go above and beyond and stand out during a job search:  

  1. Connect Beyond the Application: There is always the standard approach to applying for a position, but there is always a back door, and that’s often a better bet. One way is to reach out to people within your dream company in similar roles on LinkedIn to learn more about the industry or company culture. This helps you not only expand your network but gain insight to the company itself.  
  2. Hiring Managers Are Looking for Specific Skills and Experiences:In order to cater to this and stand out, each resume you submit (just like your cover letter) should focus on that job. Pick out key words and phrases in the job description and sprinkle them throughout your resume and cover letter. 
  3. It’s All About the Culture Fit: Do your research and understand the company culture of the place you are interviewing for. Hiring Managers are looking to see if you would fit it their culture and work style. According to Harvard Business Review, 43% of hiring managers report that cultural fit is the single most influential factor in determining which candidate gets the job. This is a two-way street, so it’s also important to be yourself! Focus on embodying and emphasizing those key values of the company. Be open and confident, and notice how the interviewer is sitting, talking, etc. Mirroring your interviewer in energy level can go far in an interview.  
  4. Tell a Story! Make sure to back up your skills and experiences with stories and examples of situations.  
  5. Stay Engaged:Throughout the interview process, hiring managers and employers want to know that you are listening and interested in what they have to say. Focus on staying engaged and asking questions when something is unclear. 67% of hiring managers say they’ve eliminated candidates after an interview because they failed to make enough eye contact, according to CareerBuilder. This embodies confidence and a sense of leadership during the interview.  
  6. Be Aware of Your Body Language: 33% of hiring managers say they’ve eliminated candidates after an interview because of bad posture. Employers want to know that you are confident in your skills and yourself. Body language is an easy way to show this, so use it to your advantage.   
  7. Do your homework: Make sure you research the company: 47% of hiring managers have eliminated candidates after an interview because they had little to no knowledge of the company. Go into an interview with a well-formed understanding of the company, what they do, what they value, and even who their competitors are! Find out who you’re interviewing with and research them to. Having a clear idea of who your talking to and how well you’re going to relate with them can be a step ahead.   



Erika Daniel, Director, About Erika

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