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CRE Firms’ Secret Weapon During Challenging Times

By August 3, 2020RETS Blog

Internal Mobility In An Organization 

In the recruiting industry, we are seeing a multitude of organizations rethinking their hiring and HR strategies, from freezing hiring, re-allocating staff, or hiring to fill other skill gaps. However, in such a rapidly changing landscape, internal mobility has taken center stage. Internal mobility is the movement of employees to new opportunities within the same company. These opportunities can include new positions, supplementary projects, mentorship, or shadowing.  

Essentially, internal mobility allows you to build a clear view of what skills exist in your organization, then establish internal pipelines of talent that can be deployed as neededProviding employees with engaging and relevant experiences that meet their professional goals and improve their abilities is crucial in tightening skill gaps and preparing employees and the company for the labor market of tomorrow.  It is beneficial to have employees that are motivated to add other fields of knowledge to their expertise because it displays their corresponding dedication to the organization and their career.  


A Dynamic Workforce 

Healthy, continuous growth is vital for any commercial real estate firm’s long-term success, and talent mobility plays a central role in surviving the current crisis. Internal mobility can provide Human Resource teams with a complete picture of their existing talent in order to assess what skill sets are available and can be further developed. The impact that COVID-19 has had on the workforce and organizations alike demonstrates the need for the commercial real estate industry to be adaptable to alternative ways of working and growing. By investing in developing the company employee base through internal mobility, you are investing back into your organization and optimizing the business for success. Focusing on the development of your business will help in future success as well as improve it for the present.  


Fostering Employee Growth To Achieve Company Goals 

Contributing to a work environment that both encourages and rewards its employees through opportunities within can integrate internal mobility into the company culture. Internal mobility not only improves retention, but it attracts even more talent to the real estate organization. This strategy can act as a powerful employer brand magnet, and job seekers view the organizations that prioritizes growth and development opportunities. Essentially, internal mobility achieves the following goals:  

  1. Avoids recruitment costs by looking within. 
  2. Avoids the cost of turnover by choosing someone already aligned with your culture.
  3. Improves employer brands and cuts advertising costs 

In addition to client and customer growth, organizations must foster both individual and company growth by renewing their emphasis on staff development. At the end of the day, firms must strive to be the number one choice for not only their clients and customers, but for their employees as well. Firms must offer a path to success and advancement by providing employees with clear expectations, training, goal setting, managing support, and opportunities for formalized mentoring. With these measures, employees and the organizations themselves will feel as though both the business and workforce are optimized for success.  

Brandi Popovich is an Executive Recruiter at RETS Associates, a national real estate executive search firm. She can be reached at

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