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Old Acquaintances, New Beginnings and the Importance of Staying Connected

By August 11, 2021April 19th, 2024RETS Blog

Did you ever imagine when walking through the halls back in high school that one of your friends could land you a job worth half of a million dollars? Me either. I never pictured that an old high school buddy could possibly be a candidate for a role I wanted to fill with a great company.   

The story is simple…

A buddy of mine from high school posted a LinkedIn update that caught my eye.  He and I had not spoken since we graduated Loyola High School together, but that connection is ever lasting.  Graduating before the days of social media, it was easy to lose connection over time, and while we had gone our separate ways, it was easy to reconnect with how many platforms exist today.   

This year has been busy in so many different and positive ways. “The Great Resignation” is hitting and many candidates and employers are looking for new opportunities for success. With that being I said, I saw a post on LinkedIn from my buddy and remembered him from the halls at Loyola HS. I had a job opening and saw that he was in the same industry and decided to reach out. When we spoke, I mentioned I had an opening and wasn’t sure if he was on the market but would love to catch up and the rest, as they say, is history.    

The moral of this story…

First, be kind to others. It all starts here. It’s stark obvious that in order to make connections with people you need to be authentic, kind and genuine. Next, stay connected. This one is hard for a lot of people because it takes time. We all know that time is something we are always struggling to obtain more of. It can be as simple as liking or commenting on a post. And lastly, do not be afraid to hop on the phone and dial their number and have a conversation. This is the best form of distant communication so use it to your advantage!  

This small world story is the exact reason why it is so important to stay connected, be kind and network. It not only provides you with relationships that might be able to make your dreams come true but also be successful. Who knows, you might have an old friend show up from high school and be offered deals on both ends.  


Andrew Reising serves as a Director at RETS Associates, a national real estate executive search firm. He can be reached at

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