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Less “Tappy Tappy,” More “Talky Talky”

By May 23, 2019RETS Blog

Tappy is an Australian term used for texting or emailing. In this day and age, many recruiters spend their time tapping away on a keyboard rather than talking face-to-face or over the phone with clients/candidates.

Let’s face it, we all rely on emails, texts or instant messaging and most of us would be lost without them. However, connecting with a client/candidate over the phone or in person is much more personal, allowing you as a recruiter to understand more about who they are, how they behave, and their level of interest. Here are a couple of reasons why talking over the phone or meeting in person should be a recruiter’s main medium of communication:

  1. Provides an opportunity to get to know a person on a deeper level.
  2. Phone calls tend to hold more authority than emails, texts or instant messaging.
  3. A form of oral communication has less of a chance to get swept under the rug. People receive hundreds of emails a day and it raises the likelihood your email will get lost in the noise.
  4. No room for error — The possibility of miscommunication goes down significantly when you are able to talk directly to a person.
  5. You can build more solid and long-lasting relationships!

Ultimately, the relationship between a recruiter and their client/candidate is key. The best way to form this is to talk face-to-face and/or over the phone in order to build that rapport!  So remember, less tappy and more talking!!

Jana Turner, Principal, About Jana

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