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Never Burn a Bridge

By February 25, 2019RETS Blog

I was at a BOMA event last night and saw many people I’ve known for years and it reminded me of this simple fact. It’s especially important to the new professionals joining the workforce. Regardless of your specific industry, I’ve found that each industry is very small. I’m sure you have experienced and said at different times in your life, in either your personal or professional life, “it’s a small world!” Thus, you should never burn a bridge if you want to stay in the industry. No matter how uncomfortable a situation is, you never know what the future holds so it’s critical to always stay professional.

I recently heard about an employee that after only two months decided to send her boss an email from home and say she was resigning effective immediately and wouldn’t give a reason whatsoever. Her employer tried to figure out what happened – anything they could have done to make things better? That type of resignation is unprofessional and will burn bridges for her in that industry for years to come. Even if you don’t like your company, but still love the industry you’re in, search for another job and give notice in a professional manner. You won’t burn a bridge and you’ll be able to stay in the industry you love for years to come!

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