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Commercial Real Estate Recruiting

CRE Firms Update Their Strategies for Recruiting New Talent

National Real Estate Investor

In a tight labor market, what do top candidates for CRE positions look for?  Today’s commercial real estate companies are in a race for talent. With employment levels at 50-year lows and business pipelines filled, commercial real estate companies of all sizes are working to expand in order to meet the demands of today’s healthy […]

top talent

How CRE Companies Can Recruit Top Talent

Globe St. Real Estate Forum

With talent now the most valuable commodity for a company, commercial real estate companies are exploring ways to secure top talent.   The fight for top talent has been a marker of this business cycle. It has disrupted the office market and changed the way that companies use space, and it has given way to […]

jana turner

RETS’ Jana Turner featured in Women of Influence 2019

Globe St. Real Estate Forum

Here we are again, our annual Women of Influence issue. This is the 26th year that we have covered the achievements of women in commercial real estate. As always, there are accounts of developments and deals and huge client wins as there are every year.

record your success

Quantify your difference

Authority Magazine

Quantify your difference. For all professionals, but especially women in corporate America, it’s important to keep a record of your success. In my career, this has enabled me to demonstrate my value and quantify my difference when asking for leadership opportunities. Essentially, the numbers don’t lie. I had the pleasure to interview Jana Turner. Jana is […]

equal pay in commercial real estate

Pledging for Parity

The Registry SF

by Meghan Hall, The Registry SF “Pay parity cannot be achieved without consistent, continuing efforts from company leadership, human resources and women themselves.” The visibility of social justice initiatives such as the “Me Too” movement that emerged at the end of 2017 have increased pressure on companies to take action against inequality in the workplace, […]