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The One-Page Resume Myth

By March 11, 2019RETS Blog

Do you believe the one-page resume myth? The answer should be no! It seems that I am presented with this question daily. Times have changed, and resume writing has had no choice but to evolve along with technology.

Back in the day, resumes used to be mailed or faxed rather than being submitted online. With hard copies, there was always the potential that the second page could get lost. The standard was set, keep the resume to one page so that no information could ever be misplaced. In the world of commercial real estate, I will generally submit a “Deal Sheet” or “Representative Experience” document along with a CV. The same sentiment applies to these documents as well. There is no set page limit; however, you still want both documents to look as polished and professional as possible.

This is especially true for job seekers with twenty plus years of experience. With resumes being presented electronically (soft copies), there is NO reason for all your professional work history to be condensed onto one page. Having limited information about your professional experience can hurt you significantly. There was a time when this rule was useful, but that time has long since passed.

Louis Dodaro, Managing Director, About Louis

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