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Positive Candidate Experience

By February 9, 2022April 18th, 2024RETS Blog

It is no secret that the job market is hot right now, and that the market is certainly a ‘candidate market’. As the fight for top talent gets more intense, so has the focus on one of the most important factors that can set businesses apart from the rest: the candidate experience.

Information is readily available for job seekers regarding a company, and now that candidates are less restricted by geography, the market has become increasingly competitive. Building an engaging candidate experience is a pivotal part of the hiring process. As job seekers are interacting with your company, the experience that they take away from your company immediately influences their decision in either moving forward with an interview and subsequently, accepting a job offer.

A candidate of mine was delighted to share with me that the company they were interviewing with took the next step in candidate experience, nonetheless influencing their decision on accepting the offer on the table, so I am sharing with you the right way to recruit – The President of the company picked the candidate up at the airport and drove the candidate to lunch where they met with the rest of the team. As lunch concluded, the CEO of the company then drove the candidate back to the airport. This experience allowed the candidate to meet the entire team, as well as spend time with the President and CEO whom are influential figures when choosing which company is best for the candidate. The firm flew the candidate to the corporate office to see their environment and invested quality time and energy in the recruitment process. This specific candidate will be at a regional office, but was still able to get a glimpse of the corporate office.

This particular experience not only gave the company a good reputation, it also assisted the candidate in their decision-making process. Taking the time to provide an unforgettable interview process for a candidate can ultimately set your business apart from the rest.  Remembering that the recruiting process should be a major focus for any Company seeking excellent talent is key.


Berkeley Davis serves as a Managing Director at RETS Associates, a national real estate executive search firm. She can be reached at

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