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Quarterback Andrew Luck Gives Us All Career Advice

By September 6, 2019RETS Blog

One of the most shocking sports stories of the weekend came out, causing the upcoming football season to get turned on its head. 29-year-old Indianapolis Colts’ Andrew Luck, one of the best quarterbacks in football, is stepping away from the game in the prime of his professional career. This was no impulsive act. Many fans are stunned or even upset with Luck’s decision, disappointed with the thought of how their fantasy football team will be affected. However, instead of focusing on the shock sweeping through the media, we should all take a second to learn from Andrew Luck’s decision.

Walking away from a career you not only dominate, but at the height of your earning potential, is a major life decision that doesn’t just have to apply to a multi-million-dollar NFL football player. Whether you’re in the real estate industry, advertising, or even accounting, take a moment to ask yourself the same questions Andrew Luck asked himself: “Is this what’s best for me? Is this making me the happiest I could be?” For Luck the answer was no.

When you’re emotionally and mentally exhausted, it can wear you down, ruin personal relationships, and make you unhappy. Facing many injuries to his ribs, shoulders, kidneys, labrum, calf, and ankle in the past four years, Luck has been struggling to hold onto his happiness and love for the game. “I haven’t been able to live the life I want to live. It’s taken the joy out of the game,” Luck stated.

In essence, Luck is walking away from a foreseeable future of high pay and high pain for a potential life of health and wholeness. We may not be subject to the physical exhaustion and painful blows that a quarterback receives, but we do go through our own mental grievances in life and in the corporate world. Ultimately, everyone’s careers and work environments impact their overall health and well-being, BUT not many of us will take a moment to look at the big picture – our friendships, relationships, jobs, hobbies, habits (all the things that are consuming our time, heart and money).

The key takeaway? You must do what makes you the best person you can be… regardless of what others think or say. In a recent Forbes article on the subject, Don Yaeger said it best:

“Fans may be upset over Luck’s decision, but they don’t have to live his life – he does. The same is true for you.” 


Andrew Reising, Director, About Andrew

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