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Seeking True Value in The Right Places

By September 29, 2022April 19th, 2024RETS Blog

I overheard this on the radio and felt this analogy was very relative to value within yourself in the workplace, and even within everyday life.

“A bottle of water in the supermarket is worth about $1. The same bottle at the gym can be worth $5. At an airport or on a plane, you may be charged $8. The bottle is the same, the brand too. The only thing that changed is the place of purchase. Each place gives a different value to the same product.”

Humans desire a feeling of value and appreciation for our efforts. It is no fun to overexert yourself for your efforts to go unnoticed. While external validation is always a wonderful thing, real fulfillment comes from within. Consider surrounding yourself with people that encourage self-validation and make you feel valued, as well.

When you feel like you are not being valued, consider changing places. Have the courage to change places and go to a place where you are given the value you deserve. Surround yourself with people who really appreciate your worth and are not afraid to let you know their appreciation.

Do not be afraid to ask yourself these questions:

Do you ever want to stop doing so great at work because while you are mostly covering for people who are defaulting, and adding value to the company, you are unnoticed?

Do you ever find yourself detaching from a loved one because it exhausts you to pour all of yourself into caring for them to get nothing in return?

If you find yourself answering yes more often than the latter, it is time to consider moving on. We all stay in positions that aren’t perfect for a plethora of reasons, but if you’ve tried to make the situation more validating and fulfilling and nothing has worked, it might be time to look for change.


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