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The Value of Professional References

By September 22, 2022RETS Blog

Real Estate is a relationship business and your professional references matter. Potential employers want to know your past work performance beyond what is on your resume. References allow hiring managers to learn about your personality, work habits, and whether or not you can do the job. Having good references can help you stand out amongst other applicants, so when it comes time for the hiring managers to check your references, it is very important that you are in touch with your references.

Typically, employers check references late in the application process. If properly prepared, you have a reference list ready to share with the potential employer, and most importantly, you are prepared to give your references notice that someone will be reaching out on your behalf. Though, that shouldn’t be the only point of contact with your reference. If it comes as a surprise to your reference when the potential employer calls regarding you, it will not reflect positively. Maintaining relationships with your references is important.

A few things to keep in mind when preparing your reference list: Always keep references up-to-date on your job search, check if a person is willing to be your reference before passing along someone’s information, and make sure to follow up and thank someone for being your reference.


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