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The Value of ‘Maybe Next Time’ in Commercial Real Estate

By June 5, 2020April 18th, 2024RETS Blog

Years ago, I interviewed a candidate. I loved her passion, appreciated her diverse perspective, and recognized her unique skillset in the CRE world. But it was clear the particular role I was working on, at the time, wasn’t a perfect fit. We smiled and said to each other maybe next time, and proceeded to keep in touch — emailing and connecting over the phone periodically 

Eventually, I was working on another role for another client, and this candidate was the first person who popped into my mind to reach out to. The position lined up perfectly with her skillset and where was exactly where she wanted her career to go. It was a great matchShe interviewed and they were quick to offer her the position and she was equally quick to accept. More than 3 years had passed since our first discussion. 


Commercial real estate is a relationship business, and as an Executive Recruiting Search Firm in the industry, our firm witnesses firsthand how building these strong relationships can truly pay off in the long runtime and time again. Relationship building and career development are both long games. Regardless of which side of the table you’re on, you must be willing to invest when you find that unique candidate or company. The ability to find, cultivate, and maintain connections in the real estate industry can give people an edge and truly pay off 

With so many avenues and facets for people to connect, communicate, and get involved in networking to foster stronger relationships, why not put in the time and effort to maintain them... even if that conversation ended with a “Maybe Next Time.” Who knows; it might be a vital part of advancing your career in real estate, or could even make or break you landing your dream job in the future. 

As either job seeker or a firm in the CRE industry, cultivating great relationships (whether it be with recruiters, colleaguesor friends within the industry) can make all the difference when it comes to getting your foot in the door with an employer or finding your next perfect candidate.  

Erika Daniel, Director

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