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Wise Up: How One Bad COVID-19 Decision Could Derail Your Career

By July 23, 2020April 21st, 2024RETS Blog

Consider the following scenarios:

  1. You landed the interview of your dreams during a pandemic. But, right before your last round of interviews, you develop a fever and are experiencing coronavirus symptoms. If you go on the interviews, you risk infecting everyone at your potential new office.
  2. You just finished your first week of work back in the office after working from home for months. However, after a couple days of feeling sick, you learn that the virus has spread throughout the building. Now what?

These are only a couple of the difficult scenarios we have witnessed recently in the recruiting industry, and situations like these are rapidly multiplying.

According to CNBC, 36.5 million Americans are now unemployed, and roughly 16% of the country’s workforce is currently sidelined in the wake of coronavirus-related concerns, making finding full-time work seem nearly impossible for many. This is why, when candidates finally land the interview or job of their dreams, it’s essential that they have not been careless about COVID-19 protocols.

The virus will ultimately have long-lasting impacts on how we live and work in the commercial real estate industry. Health and legal experts predict that on-the-job medical screenings, such as temperature checks and antibody tests, will be a reality for those who return to work in the months ahead. And in many cases, it’s already happening. To combat the spread of coronavirus among essential workers, many employers have begun taking these precautions proactively before employees are allowed to come into the workplace.

In light of all these factors, the RETS Associates team cannot overstate how crucial it is, especially if you are on the hunt in the job market, to be extra cautious in your approach to COVID-19. The last thing you want is for the virus to undo all the leg work you’ve done to land your dream job. Think about your career and the far-reaching impact on your life that contracting this illness could have.

On the flip side, management must make sure employees understand what is being asked of them and what steps the company is taking to protect their health. Re-acclimating an on-site workforce requires effective communication that helps employees who are returning to the workplace feel safe and understand how to protect themselves and everyone around them.

Health and safety were the top motives for sending employees home to work at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and health and safety will continue to be the driving factors for employees returning to the office. Sensitivity to this reality by everyone in the office is a must.

Whether you’re an employer or employee, be smart, be safe, and be well.


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