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Is Balance Doable?

By April 29, 2019RETS Blog

As a recruiter, I’m constantly discussing with my candidates what they are looking for in their ideal workplace. One of the main topics that I come across is how balance within your professional and personal life can affect your happiness with your career and even increase your productivity.

This begs the question is balance really doable? When you are running a household while also running a business or a busy career, the struggle can be real. Between your family, friends, home and professional obligations, your time gets stretched. Even the simplest of tasks can seem overwhelming.

The ugly truth is there is no such thing as work-life balance. In fact, trying to find this balance actually puts your work life and family in conflict. The solution? Be present. Clearly divide your attention and time between work and home, allowing yourself to be in the moment. When your two worlds learn to co-exist, you will find the balance you need.

Cori English, Director,  About Cori

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