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10 Resume Tips for Commercial Real Estate Professionals

By January 7, 2021April 21st, 2024RETS Blog

The unfortunate reality is that COVID has negatively impacted a lot of real estate professionals. For anyone looking for their next career opportunity, it is crucial that you present yourself as marketable and professional.  For a majority of professionals, the traditional resume format does not adequately tell the story of their career. It highlights skills and experiences, but based on your profession, employers may want to go into depth about who you are as an individual or what kind of impact you had in previous roles. The 10-week series of Commercial Real Estate Tips was designed to help people who want to elevate their resume and attract hiring managers.  View the tips below!


Chase Fryhover’s Resume Tips

1 – Do not include your home street address on your resume. Instead, provide your city or zip code.

2 – If you have held multiple titles/positions at one company, only list the company one time with the various positions/titles listed below.

3 – Use buzzwords included in job descriptions to highlight your specific skills and qualifications in your resume to appeal to recruiters.

4 – Having the right combination of general skills and impressive stats is what makes a resume pop. Make sure that you highlight goals being met or expectations being exceeded.

5 – Did you know on average, your resume will be viewed for about 8 seconds before you get a thumbs up or down?  Focus on your most recent experience and tailor your resume to the specific job you’re applying for.

6 – If you’re comfortable giving the high-level reason for why there is a gap in your resume, I would advise you to share it. You would be surprised how much this helps your cause in landing your next job.

7 – The simpler your resume layout is and easier it is to follow, the more time and attention it will get. Each section of the resume (education, skills, work history, etc.) should be in bullet point, paragraph form with a 10-12 size font.

8 – The three main components on your resume should be education, technical expertise (software knowledge, certifications, etc.) and job history.  It isn’t necessary to describe your friendly nature or organizational skills on your resume because soft skills will be displayed during the interview process.

9 – Combining the scope of work that you’ve managed or executed, the budgets involved, etc. with your resume can set you apart from your competition.

10 – If you had 5 jobs in the last 7 years, but the reality is that one company went under, one company was acquired and forced to complete a RIF, and one company got hit hard with COVID, you should provide those details next to each corresponding job. These are all valid and they don’t make you a bad asset or employee!


At RETS, we are eager to help professionals attract hiring managers and land great careers with great companies.  If you’re looking for a complete resume enhancement, access RETS’ Resume Services.


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