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Fostering Relationships to Land Your Dream Job in Real Estate

By October 23, 2019RETS Blog

Commercial real estate is a relationship business. The ability to find, cultivate and maintain connections in the real estate industry can give people an edge and can be critical to success. There are many avenues and facets for people to connect, communicate, and support networks to foster stronger relationships to build a real estate career. For example, building long lasting relationships and networking is a great way to find that “back door” into the company of your dreams. 

Especially as the job market continues to strengthen, commercial real estate companies are beginning to make significant investments in recruitment efforts in order to attract and retain talent. As a job seeker in the CRE industry, creating a great relationship with a recruiter within the industry can make all the difference when it comes to landing your next job. A recruiter can help open doors to your dream company, provide input on your marketing materials, and coach you on what works and what doesn’t during interviews. However, there are a couple things you should do to get the most out of your recruiting experience: 


(1) Know what your goals are. What is your niche? What type of company culture is a good fit for you? Knowing your answer to these types of questions will help you secure the right recruiter for your career goals. 


(2) Keep your resume current. Be proactive and make sure your information is up to date BEFORE contacting recruiters. 


(3) Help recruiters help you! You will be sharing a lot of job-related information with recruiters, so don’t hold back! Don’t be afraid to share pertinent information with them that you might think you should hold back. This way, they know the best way to represent you to employers and how to market your background. Being completely open and fostering a real relationship with recruiters allows them to see who you truly are and thus understand which clients are good fits for you. Transparency is the foundation of an effective recruitment process! 


(4) Follow through with your commitments. When you have an interview scheduled, make sure you follow through! It reflects poorly not only on yourself, but also on your recruiter, if you cancel at the last minute. Recruiters can be of immense value to you and your career, so it’s important to stay professional and treat the process with respect, no matter what the situation is. Return calls, emails, and follow through; and if you change your mind or get another job – be open and honest about it! Never “ghost” your recruiter! This brief courtesy will go far, and it’s worth it in the long run. You never know if you’ll see someone again or one day might need them, so don’t put your future in jeopardy. You should never burn a bridge if you want to stay in an industry, especially one where its foundation is built upon relationships. 

Ultimately, it’s always important to remain professional and to be as communicative as possible. Recruiters are a great way to network and create connections for future opportunities, especially in the strong job market we are in today where real estate companies are in a war for talent. Putting in the time and effort to network and maintain relationships is a vital part of advancing your career in real estate and can make or break you landing your dream job in the future. 



Diane Blake, Managing Director, About Diane

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