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Property Manager Hired in 2 Week Period, All Thanks to Zoom

By April 13, 2020April 18th, 2024RETS Blog

RETS Associates recently hired a Property Manager, on behalf of our client in Los Angeles, in a 2-week period (and it was all thanks Zoom)In a world where remote working has become the new norm, companies need to welcome new methods of work life into not only their everyday business practices, but into their recruiting and hiring processes as well.  

Companies are still hiring during this coronavirus crisisand they need to fill essential roles now more than ever. On March 12thone of our clients, Rising Realty Partners engageRETS to recruit a Property Manager for 1 Cal Plaza in Downtown LA. For the previous three months, Rising had been looking on their own, but had no luck. The RETS team presented a candidate in 5 days, and Rising responded immediately. They quickly scheduled two Zoom video conference interviews and extended an offer on March 27th, two weeks after signing the contract with RETS 

We at Rising Realty Partners have had to adapt to unprecedented times and continue to move things forward, including hiring the best people for our team. Technology has always been a driving force at our organization and we eagerly embrace all of the tools at our disposal. We recently partnered with RETS and, using video interviews, hired somebody who is a great fit for our company.  Mimi Liu, Rising Realty Partners 

Though it may seem that it’s harder than ever to connect and network with new candidates, if companies adjust to this remote environment, it can be extremely easy to reach the talent they’re looking for. There are many benefits to moving to Zoom or other video conferencing formats, including:  

  1. Candidates Have More Time & Privacy: The reality is there are many extremely talented candidates that now have both the privacy and time to consider their next career moves. 
  2. Ease of Scheduling: Scheduling meetings becomes less of a logistical nightmare when your attendees can just click to join. This makes the interview process much easier and quicker.  
  3. Larger Pool of Talent: Video conferencing expands your pool of potential talent, enabling you to reach and interview a candidate from anywhere at any time. Having that kind of reach significantly increases your chances of finding the most talented individuals. 
  4. Reducing the Cost of Hire: By meeting through video, you also get the added benefit of reducing the costs of both the company and interviewee! 

Essentially, it pays to be thorough when you’re evaluating a candidate, but be aware that the longer you deliberate or push off interviewing, the higher the chance you might lose the candidate to a competitor. While you may be freezing hiring or waiting for things to settle down before beginning the recruiting process again, your competitors may be implementing virtual video tools as part of their hiring efforts. Ultimately, failure to evolve your interview process could sabotage your quality of hire and talent recruiting down the road 


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