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Refreshing Your Professional Image (LinkedIn, Deal Sheets, & Resumes 101)

By April 13, 2020April 19th, 2024RETS Blog

When is the last time you gave your professional image a makeover? Though hiring has slowed for some companies, others are in need of talent to start immediately. There are many ways you can maximize your job search by getting your professional image in order, putting yourself in the best position to attract attention. Professional images no longer live solely on our resume and can be viewed by hundreds of people easily online.

The first step is making sure you have an updated LinkedIn profile. With 94% of recruiters using LinkedIn on a daily basis, it is easily the largest professional network on the planet and is a great platform to make connections with hundreds of people in your industry. The beauty of a LinkedIn is it can do things your resume cannot. Use it as a way to expand on your resume, making sure you have an updated professional headshot, cover photo, and headline:

  1. Pick a clear, friendly and professional photo. If you’re unsure, look to what people in your target company or industry sector are posting. Lose the cap and gown, you are a professional, not a student.
  2. Create a personalized headline that will make you stand out in the crowd! Think of it as a small, personal billboard. It doesn’t have to be your job title and company, especially if you’re looking for a job. Use that space to showcase your specialty or value proposition!
  3. In addition, craft a unique summary… this is the place to expand on your headline and to use keywords that are strongly connected to your field.
  4. Be You. Your LinkedIn allows you to showcase your full professional past, your future career goals, your personality and work philosophy.
  5. Use Your Target Job Description to Your Advantage: Look at the job descriptions of the positions you’re after and pick out key words. Make sure to sprinkle those words and phrases throughout your summary and experience. This last piece of advice is applicable to your LinkedIn and your resume!

Many times, a resume is one of the first thing a company sees when looking to fill a position, so stepping up your resume is critical.

  1. Do your research on your dream role and figure out how you can align your resume to meet that job’s objectives and needs.
  2. In addition, be sure to be concise and trim down your detailed work experience. For example, devote less space to shorter-term jobs than to longer ones. Delete jobs older than 10 years ago if possible. Unless the position is particularly notable to the role you’re applying to, let it go!
  3. In the real estate industry, it is especially crucial to include quantified information and emphasize results in your resume. Make sure to mention deal size, value, square footage, location and product type, etc

This carries over into the importance of constantly updating and refreshing your deal sheet or projects list. This helps recruiters and hiring managers really picture the impact you’ve made in your position and the work you’ve done. Ultimately, your social presence, deal sheets, and resumes are all important tools to market yourself in real estate and make you stand out in the crowd to land your next dream role!



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