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Leadership During the COVID-19 Pandemic

By September 10, 2020RETS Blog

Leading A Team Through A Crisis

Leaders across the country are facing new problems every day during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Their management abilities are being put to the test now more than ever and the element of uncertainty leaves them developing plans with ambiguous timelines.  Leaders are regularly in decision making positions that cause them to evaluate short and long term opportunities and choices, as well as minimizing shortcomings and maximizing accomplishments. Below are a few concepts that commercial real estate leaders are implementing to help their company culture thrive during this pandemic and working from home.

Set an Example

Sharing thoughts about management and leadership will encourage others to do the same and open group discussions.  Some ideas are thinking strategically, managing complex changes, and developing more accommodating procedures.

Provide Constant Feedback and Communication

Having a continuous cycle of giving and receiving feedback is beneficial to both an employee and an employer because it allows everyone to share their thoughts for a common goal of success and efficiency. This limits frustration and wasted time as well because it may prevent mistakes and miscommunications.

Assess Timelines

Leadership is an ongoing mindset and position to be in.  Providing timelines or being specific with requests will streamline tasks and further promote being direct.  Providing a path to success allows employees to structure themselves better in order to achieve their personal and company goals. Acknowledging that employees may have different levels of output during this time is crucial in understanding their capabilities and adjusting expectations.

Encourage Continuous Learning

Internal mobility is a popular concept within the commercial real estate industry.  This idea encourages companies to motivate their employees to gain more knowledge and skills and become well rounded individuals that are able to transition to various roles in the company seamlessly.  A learning focus can be the backbone of adaptation in a highly unpredictable market.

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