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How to Stand Out to Recruiters

By January 20, 2021RETS Blog

Recently, a candidate asked me what top skills companies look for in applicants. When I was reflecting on my network of candidates, I discovered that experience and education were the most common skill categories that came to mind.  When thinking further, I realized that my most successful candidates are passionate about their careers and building relationships, and employers recognize this.  Being career driven and looking for learning opportunities is an attractive mindset to express because it demonstrates your interest in growth.  To help develop a connection and stand out to a recruiter, portray yourself accurately on both your resume and when you communicate your goals.

Your resume is typically your initial introduction to a recruiter or company, and it is important to explain how your previous experiences will translate into success in a new role.  If you are looking for insightful ways to improve your resume, view 10 Resume Tips for CRE Professionals by RETS’ Chase Fryhover, or if you need a complete resume enhancement, access RETS’ Resume Services.  A valuable piece of advice is to be intentional with every word that is on your resume.  To strengthen your candidacy further, it is important to research companies that you want to work for and communicate location preferences with specific industry focuses to a recruiter.  Combining a concise resume with your career goals is mutually beneficial because it may shape the jobs a recruiter shares with you and also lead to future opportunities later in your career.

Relationship building is one of the most important parts of the job process.  To me, receiving a thank you email from a candidate illustrates their dedication to the position and gratitude for the efforts of everyone involved.  I encourage individuals to prioritize building relationships with hiring managers, recruiters, and anyone that has provided their time to you or that you can help in return. Even if a company chooses another candidate for a position, developing a relationship with their employees will benefit your personal network and could lead to future conversations.  Other ways to connect with recruiters is to refer someone else for the role if you think they would be a good match, or by building a personal connection.  Explaining your career goals, interests, or obstacles you have encountered will help build a memorable connection between you and a recruiter.

The most important part of a job search is ensuring that the candidate and company are a good mutual fit.  I have kept in contact with my candidates years after I met or placed them.  Connecting someone with a company that values and rewards their employees and watching these candidates excel in their careers is something that makes me feel proud to be a recruiter.

CD Wicks serves as a Director at RETS Associates, a national real estate executive search firm. She can be reached at:

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